GHX Series Agglomerator


GHX series high-speed agglomerator is a granulation equipment.It can be used to directly granulate PA (commonly known as nylon) and PET film, silk, cloth.

Working Principle

After being put into the pot body, waste soon be cut into pieces by shearing of rotating blade and fixed blade. Those pieces then flow along the inner wall of the pot body by centrifugation, at the same time they move from periphery to the center of pot body by the action of lower paddles.Due to friction during the whole process, the temperature of the material increases rapidly,making the material reach semi-plasticized state and bond into small pieces.Before the material being agglomerated,spray cold water into it. Cold water evaporates and takes away heat which can prevent caking. After crushing effect of the blades,those pieces become pellets (irregular size). During the process, pigment can be added for coloring. Then these pellets can be used directly by extrusion machine and injection molding machine for making products or granulated by extrusion granulator for further use.The pot body material is stainless steel, the blade material is T7.


We keep improving our products through clients’ feedback.Our latest innovation is to use cycle pressure lubrication system. Compared with general grease lubrication system, it greatly extends the life of the bearing.

Product Legend

  • GHX100
  • GHX300
  • GHX400
  • GHX500
Main Technical Parameters(GHX is mainly for the production of PET and other synthetic type material)
Model GHX100 GHX300 GHX400 GHX500
Spindle Speed(r/min) 1050 950 850 750
Output(kg/h) 150-200 300-400 400-500 600-800
Motor Power(kw) 55 90 110 160
Voltage(V) 380 380 380 380
Volume(L) 100 300 400 500
Weight(kg) 1100 1900 2000 3000
Dimension(m) 1.7*0.75*1.5 2*0.85*1.6 2*0.85*1.6 2.3*0.95*1.7
Rotating Blade(set) 2 4 4 4
Fixed Blade(set) 6 8 6~8 6~8
Lubrication Method grease lubrication pressure lubrication pressure lubrication pressure lubrication

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