LS Series Dryer


This machine is mainly used for mixing, drying multiple colors of plastic particles.It is suitable to mix pellets,crushed material and masterbatch.


This machine is mainly made of stainless steel.It is stable,easy to clean and not easy to rust. It has timing mixing function and saves energy. It mix evenly, stir fast and save cost. This machine adopts vertical design, easy to control and maintain.It has optional capacity( 1-2 tons) and height.Also its material can be selected.

then the second stage to the rapid increase of raw materials to the upper end of the barrel umbrella scattered, and the hot air from the lower portion of the barrel in the center to the edges blown from the bottom up through the raw materials for comprehensive heat exchange. This machine is designed to overcome many technical problems.The design is focused on economic, practice and extension with drying function.It is faster than traditional mixers and more power-saving. The machine's working pinciple is raising material to the upper end of the barrel and making material scatter. At the same time,hot air blow out from the lower part of the barrel and penetrate material for complete heat exchange.

Main Technical Parameters
Model Power(kw) Capacity(T) Rotating Speed(r/min) Barrel Body Size(cm)
LS500 3 0.5 460 Ф110*h235
LS1000 4 1 460 Ф140*h265
LS2000 4 2 460 Ф165*h355
LS3000 5.5 3 350 Ф200*h375
LS5000 7.5 5 350 Ф233*h435
LS6000 7.5 6 350 Ф250*h455
LS8000 7.5 8 350 Ф265*h485
LS10000 11 10 350 Ф280*h515
LS12000 11 12 350 Ф310*h535

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